DOI Outreach Meetings


November 21, 2014, Milan, Italy


The meeting, organised by DOI Registration Agency mEDRA, was open to the public and focused on services enabled DOIs, presenting use cases proposed by Registration Agencies (Airiti, CrossRef, DataCite, EIDR, mEDRA, OPOCE) in different contexts of application and external projects that benefit from synergies with the DOI community (including UK Copyright Hub, RDI and FORWARD project representatives).



Session 1: Joining the dots in the academic and research environment, including DOI use cases from CrossRef (publications), DataCite (datasets) and Cineca (Research Information System for Universities)

Session 2: Expanding the DOI to new context of applications, including DOI use cases from EIDR (movie and entertainment industry); OPOCE (Public Sector); Airiti (educational and MooC)

Session 3: How DOI can be used to support easy rights management, including speakers from mEDRA, RDI project, UK Copyright Hub, EIDR, FORWARD project


December 4, 2013 in Taipei; December 6, 2013 in Beijing


DOI outreach meetings were held in December 2013, organised by local RAs (Airiti in Taipei; ISCTI and CNKI in Beijing). The meeting theme was "Open Meeting: Innovative Content Applications Driven by DOI". The DOI outreach meeting gave an overview of DOI and its underlying principles, followed by presentations from several RAs describing how they have implemented DOI for their industries and giving examples of the applications that have been built.



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