If you use the Internet to manage content or information about assets, you can benefit from using the DOI system. DOI names identify content permanently. And as they are coupled with metadata, they can be modified over time to keep track of the locations and characteristics of the objects they identify, both for you and your users. You benefit from efficient management and accurate tracking, as well as gaining the ability to more easily automate processes and collaborate with partners in your community.


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  • Watch a video presentation to learn how DOIs add value to your content.
  • Download the "Driven by DOI" brochure (PDF) to learn:
    • What is a DOI?
    • How will DOIs help me manage my digital assets? What makes them reliable?
    • How do they work? How can I benefit?
    • What are other users doing? Show me case studies with DOIs in action.
    • How do I start?
  • View presentations from the DOI outreach meetings that were held in November 2014 organised by mEDRA and held in Milan, Italy, and in December 2013 organised by Registration Agencies Airiti in Taipei, and ISCTI and CNKI in Beijing. These open meetings include overviews of DOI and its underlying principles and applications, followed by presentations from RAs describing how they have implemented DOI for their industries and giving examples of the applications that have been built.
  • For more information on the DOI system as a whole, consult the Handbook, FAQs and Factsheets on this site. For information on specific applications of the DOI system, contact the relevant Registration Agency. For policy, management, technical questions and operational issues, contact info@doi.org. Send comments or questions about the web site, mailing lists, password access, etc, to contact@doi.org.
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